JUL-951 | Large Scale Exclusive Full NTR "First" Series. "I Want Your Wife To Pretend To Be My Lover...". Such A Tragedy For Me When My Best Friend Begged Me To Rent My Beloved Wife To Him. Ko Shirahana.

JUL-951 | Large Scale Exclusive Full NTR
Label: Madonna

"You're always getting help, right? I can play her role." Our best friend, Kazuya, asked us to deceive our mother who was about to get married. My wife, who is a full-time housewife and spends unstimulated days, was enthusiastic about her plan and I had to accept it. A few days later, the day her wife first met Kazuya's mother, she thought she would come home for a dinner, but it seems that Kazuya's mother couldn't prepare for the hotel. And after the last train, her wife's reply was interrupted at the end of the contact that she would escape and return by taxi.


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