ABF-087 | My Obedient Pet Candidate 06 Remu Suzumori

ABF-087 | My Obedient Pet Candidate 06 Remu Suzumori
Director: Suga Pacino
Studio: Prestige

Prestige exclusive actress ``Remu Suzumori'' is raised in an obscene manner to inculcate the joy of sex and become an obedient pet. With her collar attached, I lick my master's feet while crawling on all fours, and when he presents me with his erect cock, I suck it all the way to the back of her throat! When he is fingered, he can't stand it anymore and begs for insertion, and when he inserts his dick, he shakes his hips in search of pleasure! When pushed down and hit with a violent piston, a sweet cry echoes throughout the room! After getting his face covered with thick sperm, he gives a cleaning blowjob and shows his satisfied expression to his master! Restraint, foot licking, deep throat...etc. Pet candidate "Remu Suzumori", who accepts all your wishes, will be guided to the next level of M!


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